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Factory Direct Shrink Wrap Equipment, Parts, and Supplies

Want to shrink wrap your packages? Now you can buy quality shrink wrap equipment and supplies directly from an American shrink wrap manufacturer. Save on affordable shrink wrap machines, supplies, and shrink wrap film. Stevenson Industries manufacturers a machine and stocks the supplies for almost any project and budget.

Factory Direct Pricing

Since 1967, we've sold over 40,000 Shrink Wrap Systems, L Heat Sealers, Shrink Wrap Tunnels and Shrink Wrap Sealers through shrink wrap dealers who marked up our products as much as 40%-50%. Now you can conveniently buy reliable shrink wrap machines at dealer costs DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY with absolute assurance and expert technical guidance now and in the future.

Buy With Absolute Confidence

Buy with confidence... You must be satisfied or return within 30 days for a refund! (See Refund Policy in footer)

Proudly Made In The USA

We have been manufacturing our shrink wrap machines in the USA since 1967. Beware the flood of import shrink wrap machines. Cheap pricing can't cover up bad build quality and poor shrink wrap production. Those import machines don't last while our machines keep producing for years and years.

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Choices That Fit Your Needs

Our professional equipment is the perfect choice for: CD Shrink Wrap, DVD Shrink Wrap, videos, printing, books, artwork, soaps, candies, toys and the thousands of other products that will benefit from strong crystal-clear shrink wrapping!

We Stock Everything You Need

You don't have to search around to find shrink film and related supplies.