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A High Volume Shrink Wrapping Machine That Lasts!
Since 1967, we've been producing the Shrinkmaster shrink wrap packaging system. After years of heavy-duty work many of our units are still turning out thousands of shrink-wrapped packages each and every day. You will have a hard time trying to find a better machine at a comparable price.

Our Shrinkmaster has no fancy bells and whistles. It is just a great heavy-duty shrink wrapping machine at a great price that is designed to meet your expectations with a minimal amount of maintenance and downtime. Simply plug the Shrinkmaster into a 120-volt outlet and start wrapping thousands of crystal-clear, beautiful packages. No frills, no mess, just exceptional durability, and performance. We've seen shrink systems costing hundreds more that can't compare or last as long as ours.

You get an industrial workhorse with the Shrinkmaster. Our system has a smooth-as-silk shrink film dispenser, an "L" bar sealer that seals and trims on two sides, and a large shrink tunnel that produces beautifully wrapped packages. All of this atop a large and stable stand makes this a fixture in your production line. Dispense, cut, and shrink in just a few simple steps.

Maximum Package Size: 20" x 13" x 5"

HINT: It's easy to calculate your required Shrink Film Width (also bar length). Just add the thickness + width (or length) + 2 inches.

Shrinkmaster Shrink Wrap System Contains:
  • *Shrinkmaster Shrink Sealer
  • *Shrink Film Dispenser
  • *Shrink Tunnel
  • Stand
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
* All items are integrated into the stand.

🔥Call for info on our customizable financing plans!🔥