Frequently Asked Questions - Shrink Wrap Machines - Stevenson Industries

What is shrink wrap packaging?

Shrink wrap packaging is a fast inexpensive method of overwrapping any product in shape conforming, crystal-clear, strong plastic wrap. Shrink wrap is presently being used to wrap a broad variety of products ... candy boxes, videos, giftware, hardware items, toys, drugs, etc. It is not to be confused with blister packaging or skin packaging where a product such as a screwdriver is affixed to a cardboard backing!

How is shrink wrap packaging accomplished?

There are two distinct steps to shrink wrap packaging:

  1. Overwrapping the product in the shrink film.

  2. Exposing the film to heat to cause the film to shrink.

    True Production Shrink wrap packaging is accomplished with an "L" heat sealer and a conveyorized shrink tunnel, for lower production a single arm "bar" sealer and a shrink gun can be utilized to produce identical results at slower production rates.

What type of film is used?

Centerfold shrink film is utilized. When shrink wrap is manufactured basically it is stretched like an elastic band, when heat is applied the film returns to it's original size. "Centerfold" refers to the fact that the film when made is folded in half so that there are two sheets with a folded edge along the back of the roll. This type of film is readily available throughout the world.

How long will my machine last?

STEVENSON INDUSTRIES has been manufacturing shrink machines since 1968 ... and has sold thus far over 30,000 systems. Our biggest marketing problem is that with proper maintenance our machines do not wear out. Every day we learn of customers who still are utilizing STEVENSON machines built years ago!!

Why should I buy a Stevenson shrink machine?

As with every industry, you can always find products that are more expensive or less expensive!

When you buy from STEVENSON you are buying from a reputable manufacturer that offers a fine machine at an exceptionally good price.

The bottom line is you won't get stuck with a piece of junk from our company ... we make a fine shrink system, sell it at a fair price ... and are always just a phone call away to help you with your packaging needs!!